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I know a kid who has a pet parrot. He is really cool. His name is Steven. He will repeat anything you say.
Pretty cool, huh?



My granny once had this dog named Widget. I still remeber the day she called and said”Alice, Widget died.”. He was a very good dog.
Rest in peace Widget.

Bufflehead Ducks

Bufflehead ducks are one of the smallest ducks in North America. Since the birds heads are quite often compared to the rest of their body, they can sometimes be called Buffaloheads. Even though Bufflehead ducks are diving duck, they jump out of the water to fly. Since Buffleheads are so small, these ducks are vulnerable to predators.

Canvasback Ducks

Canvasback ducks are the best athlete in the waterfowl family. They dive underwater to find food and to escape danger. Before taking flight in to the sky, these birds run along the very top of the water. Once the ducks take flight, they go very fast! They are about the fastest flying ducks on the continent! Long,quick wings carry them up to 70 miles per hour! These duck are definitely the quickest birds out there!

Pintail Ducks

Pintail Ducks are named after their long, sharp tail.These beautiful birds roam through the air like feathered planes! Pintails have the widest breeding range of any duck. These duck live all over the United States, but they are most common in Western States. These mother ducks are very protective for their young, so don’t get to close to these nests!

Mallard Ducks

Mallard ducks are probably the most well known waterfowl in North America. These birds are sometimes called greenheads because of their green heads. Mallard duck are herbivores. They are herbivores because they eat plants at the side of the river. They also eat vegetation that grows underwater. They catch this by plunging there heads fully underwater and grabbing it in their beak.

Canadian Geese

The Canadian goose is most likely the most well known goose in North America. But most people do not know that there are 12 different kinds! The giant Canadian goose is the biggest. You cannot really tell the different kinds of Canadian geese accept by how large or small they are. In fact, they are so alike they actually fly in a flock together! These birds are one of the few birds that make noises while flying. Their nicknames are Canadian honkers for this reason.