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Rabbits are small mammals. Adult male’s are called buck’s. Adult female’s are called doe’s. Young rabbits are called kitten’s, or kit’s. Wild rabbits usually eat herbs, leaves, grass, and sometimes fruits, vegetables, and grains when they find them.

The Bunny


Polar Bears

Polar Bears are the largest bears in the world, along with the Kodiak Bear. They are the same size. It is also the largest land carnivore, meaning it is the biggest animal alive that only eats meat. A adult male is called a boar. An adult female is called a sow.
A boar ways about 770 pounds to 1,500 pounds! A sow ways about half that size. Polar bears are pretty smart. They are about as smart as apes. And apes are our cousins! They are very intelligent. Most people think they were around five million years ago.

Polar Bear



People think snakes are VERY dangerous creatures. Some actually are. Some are actually not. They are carnivores, which mean they only eat meat. They are a bit like legless lizards.There is an old myth about snakes that says in the Adam and Eve story when the snake tricks Eve to eat the apple,as punishment God took the snakes legs away.
Snakes are cold blooded, unlike as humans. All in the reptile family are cold blooded.
There are about 3,400 types of snakes in the world! One kind is water snakes. And yes, they live in the water. They are pretty cool to see! But you wouldn’t want to go near one, though!

Pink Water Snake