What Gerblis Look like

This is a Gerbil.

Like hamsters, gerbils do the same thing with their teeth: they gnaw on things to make their teeth smaller. Gerbils can camouflage with sand because of the color of their fur, meaning that gerbils have the same color fur as the sand to hide from their predators. Gerbils use their tail for balance when they jump. They also use there strong claws to dig. The for on the gerbils feet help him to walk on ho sand and not sink in.


Wild Hamsters

Believe it or not, hamsters do not only live in cages, they also live in the wild. Those hamsters make nice little burrows to live in. In there they make nests to sleep in and storage room for the whole lot of there food. The stuff that wild hamsters eat is Dandelion leaves, grass, clover, even common garden worms!

Hamsters and There Teeth

Even though these furry pet look so cute, they can be quite vicious! Hamsters have long teeth and they can grow very long. It is important that these little creatures have something to gnaw. The way there teeth don’t get to big is by them gnawing so there teeth come off a little.


Gerbils are small, furry, ratlike animals. They make ideal pets.They are lively,gentle, and easy to care for.

Kinds of Hamsters

There are more than 20 species of hamsters. Here are a few! The Golden,the Syrian, the Chinese smaller dwarf,the Dzungarian, and European.